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About Us

TANGSHAN CISHI METALLURGY TECHNOLOGY-TRADE CO., LTD. ,now affiliated to Beijing Industrial Design Research Institute Co., Ltd,was founded in 2001 and has been engaged in the design and development of pelletizing technology for nearly 20 years. We provide consultation services of pelletizing in all aspects, as well as contracting of furnace start-ups and operation of pellet plants.Since 2013, the company has been independently developing the straight grate induration machine technology, focusing on building its own national brand and has made significant breakthroughs and achievements, en route to innovation and rejuvenation of the country.
       Our self-developed plane-cycle straight grate induration machine, vertical-cycle straight grate induration machine and straight grate induration machine transformation technology can transform the existing sintering lines into straight grate pelletizing lines that are suitable for alkaline ore. The pellet production line can make full use of the old equipment and process of existing sinter plants. In this way, with less investment, you can transform your original sintering production line into advanced straight grate induration pelletizing lines, from which you get qualified products with low energy consumption. The technology is environmentally-friendly. The modified pellet production line is in full compliance with the national environmental protection requirements and has a huge advantage over sinter production. The straight grate induration technology is a very advanced and more adaptable pellet production process. This is particularly true under the current circumstances where the country is promoting supply-side structural reform and optimization of industrial structure, and advocating green development, recyclable development, and low-carbon development. Straight grate induration machine is a product that conforms to the development trend of the future pellets field, with a promising bright future.

137 0334 5588