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Metallurgical industry: basic knowledge of the shaft furnace

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Shaft furnace combustion chamber is generally 60 ° brick vault, due to the presence of the arch, they have a certain level of thrust, the more weight the vault, the greater the level of thrust.
Pressure shaft furnace is operating, to a certain gas pressure spray into the combustion chamber, heat generated by combustion flue gas are injected into the shaft furnace chamber. Thus, the combustion chamber Mifengbuyan, would not create enough pressure, firing pellets can not meet the technical requirements. Been calculated that the gas produced by lateral pressure is very great.
Shaft furnace production requirements $@2@$ go on on the maximum damage to the combustion chamber. Long shaft furnace in the production state, also in the high temperature combustion chamber. Bricks to a certain size $@2@$ stop the expansion, relatively stable. However, should the shutdown occurred, combustion chamber temperature to drop down, especially down to room temperature, the natural contraction of the masonry. Shaft furnace open, stop. Masonry also expansion, contraction, repeated several times, on masonry cracks, especially the arch, vault an activity, it will burn. Therefore, to ensure the longevity of the combustion chamber, not only to meet the requirements of masonry, sealing well. But also to improve the operating rate of the shaft furnace. This is essential to extend the life of the combustion chamber.
In summary, the combustion chamber is a weak link in the shaft furnace, a long period of high temperature, their work environment is bad.
(B) the wind guide wall
Wind guide shaft furnace wall is another weak link in the water below it by the metal support beams, $@2@$ often subject to high temperature, wear dust stream erosion, but also bear the $@13@$ge of the lateral pressure. Therefore, wind wall is also very bad work environment. Beams $@2@$ masonry in the combination of water, particularly to the lower part of the masonry at the most vulnerable 1m off. Therefore, wind wall material, pore size $@2@$ pore wall thickness grid choice is very important.
Third, the vertical furnace refractories
(A) the combustion chamber
The main chamber is a shaft furnace masonry, brick or aluminum brick masonry is generally used. Hangzhou Iron $@2@$ Steel combustion chamber, such as brick two about the amount of about 120t. Puzzle seam requires less than 2mm, $@2@$ other important parts of the vault are used 701 mortar, bottom $@2@$ commonly used in other parts of the mud. In the brick process, due to face a large, more than the number of tiles, brick, if a less than quality requirements (such as large cracks between the blocks, mud is not full, etc.), red hot gas will penetrate from these weaknesses $@2@$ ran along the inner wall of the furnace shell, the shell from the oven does not close at the metal leakage. Expansion of the problem mainly by external insulation of masonry brick, gray feathers $@2@$ other stuffing, brick masonry in order to buffer the expansion or contraction.
Benxi Iron $@2@$ Steel 168m2 with a cross-sectional area of ​​shaft furnace roasting width of 2.088m, a length of 7.056 m. Dry with a high arch 1.260 m, preheating baking with high 2.660 m, are tropical 2.570 m, the cooling zone of 3.500 m, stove dis$@13@$ging roller centerline to mouth height of 12.810 m, volume of 190m3, with fire above crater brick building, the following use high alumina brick masonry.
Semi-circular vaulted chamber using a rectangular chamber, the advantage of simple structure, compact preparation, sealing, $@2@$ combustion chamber pressure is low. In order to ensure air tightness, each have adopted phosphate mud brick masonry, cracks between the blocks is not greater than 2 mm. Surrounding the combustion chamber using masonry expansion joints. In addition, several groups set up in the combustion chamber at the bottom of the slide bearings $@2@$ more. On the one h$@2@$ to compensate for the displacement caused by thermal expansion, on the other h$@2@$ tamping the combustion chamber to reduce the very simple $@2@$ reliable.
Shaft furnace technology using wind guide wall, is one of our innovation, $@2@$ its existence, is the furnace with the channel, effectively shortening the cooling air through the material layer, the resistance greatly reduced, the relative increase in the amount of cooling air, the cooling effect improved, but also to the main wind electrical energy consumption greatly reduced. Wind guide wall poor working conditions, it is not only withst$@2@$ the high temperature gas erosion, but also by the side of the pellet huge pressure $@2@$ wear. Therefore, it guides the wind performance of brick walls, generally of high quality clay or alumina brick.
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