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The distribution of the worlds coking coal resources

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From international market, the coke market has experienced two important stages 2002 - 2005, continued growth in world supply of coke, coke oversupply in 2006. Prior to 2002, the basic stability of the world$@0@$s annual production of coke at 3.5 million tons, supporting the steady development of the global steel industry. With the world economic recovery $@2@$ the overall rapid development of steel industry, the world$@0@$s coke production in 2005 rose to nearly 500 million tons, representing an increase of approximately 40% in 2001.

In the past 10 years, the world coke production gradually from Asia, especially China dominated. 1998-2008, growth in Asia more than doubled production of coke, coke production fell 18% in Europe, North America production fell 22%, the former Soviet Union (CIS) coke production increased by 29%. Coke production in the world primarily from the incremental increase in China$@0@$s coke production. In 2009, global production of 580 million tons of coke, of which China$@0@$s coke production totaled 350 million tons, ac$@8@$ing for 60% of the world$@0@$s total output of coke, a world leader; European coke production stable at 50 million tons, but the world$@0@$s total coke production proportion declining from 14% in 2001 to reduce to less than 10%; North America coke oven aging $@2@$ because of strict environmental protection technology, the overall downward trend in coke production.

With the rapid growth of the global economy, the world$@0@$s strong dem$@2@$ for coke has not changed. Overall, the most developed $@8@$ries, steel production of coke consumption of coke consumption ac$@8@$s for 90% -95%, so basic as the apparent consumption of coke pig iron production grows. International Iron $@2@$ Steel Association statistics show that world crude steel production in 2001 800 million tons in 2009 soared to 12 million tons, with the iron $@2@$ steel metallurgy, chemical industry nonferrous metals, machinery casting further development of other industries, will drive dem$@2@$ for coke continue to increase.

Sub-regions, except Africa, other regions of the coke dem$@2@$ growth remain, including Russia, Ukraine $@2@$ other $@8@$ries increased more than 10%. As Europe, America, Japan $@2@$ other developed $@8@$ries $@2@$ regions, industrialization $@2@$ urbanization process is completed, steel metallurgy, machinery manufacturing transfer, basic iron $@2@$ steel dem$@2@$ little decrease in the steady momentum, dem$@2@$ for steel production of coke stable; Asian Development $@8@$ries, especially China $@2@$ India$@0@$s steel production $@2@$ rapid development, high growth in dem$@2@$ for coke.

Because of resource constraints $@2@$ coke oven aging $@2@$ other factors, parts of the world coke market supply $@2@$ dem$@2@$ in non-equilibrium state, which resulted in the import $@2@$ export trade of coke. Coke production in the world, rapid growth, much slower growth rate of the coke trade volume in recent years, the coke trade is showing a downward trend. World trade in 2002 coke exports less than 3,000 tons in 2005, will only grow to 30 million tons in recent years, the basic stability of the world coke trade in 3000-3500 tons / year. With the European Union $@2@$ the United States, Japan $@2@$ other developed $@8@$ries $@2@$ regions, slowing dem$@2@$ for steel, pig iron production has been at the stationary phase, slowing the dem$@2@$ for coke; same time, some $@8@$ries $@2@$ regions, iron $@2@$ steel production will be gradually put into operation a new coke oven, coke production in some $@8@$ries have The recovery of coke production capacity, some $@8@$ries have decreased dependence on imported coke, coke global import $@2@$ export trade began to fall from a high level, China$@0@$s coke exports tend to slow down accordingly.

Before 2008, China$@0@$s coke export volume of 1400 tons / year, China$@0@$s coke exports in world trade of coke export plays a vital role. 2009 due to financial crisis $@2@$ China$@0@$s coke export tariff adjustments, China$@0@$s coke exports dropped in 2010, has been restored, but still with a level far in 2008.

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